Writing Emails with Military Precision - 6×14

February 19, 2019

Chuck talks about techniques the US military uses to make emails easier to process and act upon.


Good Enough - 6×13

February 12, 2019

In this episode, Chuck talks about Pareto's Principle and how perfect is the enemy of the good. 


Ten Action Signals - 6×12

February 5, 2019

Emotions are just signals. When you are having trouble getting past one, it can be helpful to have a job aid. In this episode, I discuss ten action signals identified by Tony Robbins.


Bullet Journal Revisited - 6×11

January 29, 2019

In this episode, I talk about looking through my bullet journal for a set of questions I discussed in the last episode (ACW: Procrastination). I was surprised at what I learned from my past self.


Procrastination - 6×10

January 22, 2019

I put off recording this episode this morning, so I decided to record an episode about procrastination and how I got past it.

In this episode, I refer to:


Cynefin - 6×9

January 15, 2019

In today's episode, Chuck talks about the Cynefin sense-making framework by Dave Snowden. It classifies problem spaces into five categories: Obvious, Complicated, Complex, Chaotic, and Disorder.


Dependencies - 6×8

January 8, 2019

Chuck recently lost his earbuds, and that led to a discussion of dependencies. He talks about their impact and a way to overcome some dependencies by thinking about them as creative constraints.


Happy New Year 2019 - 6×7

January 1, 2019

No episode this week, just a short message from Chuck wishing everyone a happy new year.


Merry Christmas - 6×6

December 25, 2018

Since the Agile Chuck Wagon release happens on Christmas Day this year, I recorded a short episode about Christmas. I read from Luke 2:1-18 ESV.


Clearly Articulating Instructions - 6×5

December 18, 2018

Today, Chuck talks about Jean Tabaka and some facilitation wisdom he learned from her about clearly articulating instructions for a group activity. Let them know what, when, who, how, and pause for questions.